Shipping delay info

Hey guys, 

I know a lot of you are waiting on orders right now and I wanted to address this on the website for you guys to be able to know whats going on.

Please read all of this.

As many of you know Battle Cat Co. is a one man operation. Under normal circumstances there is usually about a week to two week wait just on account of that. I am growing the back end here to meet the order volume that has been come in. My goal is to cut that down significantly in the relatively near future. 

On top, and more importantly right now, I am currently dealing with an extremely serious and sudden family crisis. It is difficult to even be typing this for the world to see, so I am asking for your respect and understanding. My family is strong and we will make it through this.

The good news is that while this situation has thrown a major wrench into the mix during literally the most busy time of year I have support here that is jumping in to help get things back on track. 

It is my goal to get everyone's order to them in time for the holiday's. I will do every single thing in my power to make that happen. Fortunately we are still in a strong position to succeed at that.

I love this company and every single one of you who have supported me in growing this brand. My job is a dream come true and I need you to know that I will make this right for every single one of you waiting on an order right now.

This might be a really messed up moment in my life but Battle Cat Co. and the community around this is keeping me on my feet right now. 

I am going to be putting my nose to the grind stone here and focusing my energy towards printing and packing orders. That is 100% of my focus right now and the best way I can serve you guys at the moment. Inventory has been severely cut down on the site right now while I am getting things caught up so if you are intending to buy gifts please consider gift cards, patches, and stickers. As soon as things get back on track here, and we are through the pile up of orders that this situation caused, inventory will be back up on the site. 

I will continue to do my best to get back to everyone who has been emailing as quickly as I can. If you need ANYTHING at all or have any questions send an email to and I will do the best I can to get back to you quickly and help in any way I can. 

Thank you guys for all the support over the past few years since I started this company and for keeping me on the path right now.