Dec 2023 Fulfillment and shipping update

Order fulfillment update:

 I know a lot of you guys out there are waiting on orders right now. I wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on the current back end here. 

As many of you know this is a very small operation. Under normal circumstances there can be delays on orders which has been the single biggest obstacle I have faced as the brand grows. Prior to Black Friday we were getting pretty good at finding our stride and cutting down wait times. I expect us to be back to our regular fulfillment speed soon and continue to improve it in 2024.

Now that said, this years Black Friday was absolutely insane. I haven't had a moment to do the math yet but I would say we did about 5x what we had anticipated going into it. Because of that massive surge of orders in a relatively short period of time we are more delayed right now than expect. I would say we are about a week behind what I had expected us to be at by this point. 

In order to resolve this as quickly as possible we have brought on volunteer help from friends and family to help us print shirts and pack orders. We are working 7 days a week and will continue to do so until everyone's order has been shipped and received. My aim right now is to be entirely through all Black Friday and remaining November orders by Wednesday of next week if not sooner. I do not anticipate any issues with getting orders to you in time for Christmas if you have already placed an order as of receiving this email. 

If you have a tracking number that is not updating and says anything like "pre-shipment" or "Label created not yet in system" it just means that your slip has been created and printed and is in the stack that we are working on fulfilling now. As soon as it goes out and gets scanned in by USPS you will see an update on tracking.

I know this is taking awhile, like I said this is longer than I anticipated also, and I greatly appreciate everyone's patience with us right now. Every year's Black Friday is a massive learning experience that we use to gauge how to improve our processes year round and this year is no different. We will continue to get better and better at this and are beyond grateful for your support of Battle Cat Co.

If you have any direct questions please email me at and include your order number.

While this is not ideal for fulfillment the support you all have shown us is massively motivating. Thank you!