March 2023 Shipping & Company info

While many of you guys who have been around with the brand for a while already know a lot of this, Battle Cat Co. is growing exponentially and I know there are a lot of new people out there discovering the brand right now. Because of this I wanted to create a space on the website to show a more behind the scenes view of the operation over here.

 Battle Cat Co. is a one-man operation. I do get sporadic help from some friends and family but for the most part it’s just me over here! There can be a week to two week wait just on account of that and ever increasing order volume. I am actively working on growing the back end of the company up to cut that down and speed up shipping speeds. Please keep that in mind while ordering and know that you are supporting the foundation of a small business.

For those of you following along with the growth of the brand, In the last month I have completely upgraded ALL the equipment I use to print shirts and hoodies.

In other words, we’ve got a whole new screen-printing shop over here and it is super rad! This should at least double production abilities and cut down drastically on the time it takes to produce all of your favorite shirts.

This is a huge deal! One of the biggest bottlenecks has been the amount of time it takes to produce shirts and keep inventory stocked. Not to mention, the more time spent on the press means less time working on all the other things that need to be done to help move this company forward. While there is still a bit of a learning curve adjusting to the new set up, I expect to see this make a huge difference over here.

I have a lot of other plans coming and have my eyes set on being in a position to bring on more permeant and reliable help. Not quite in a spot to hire just yet but we're getting there!

I want to thank you guys who have supported the brand over the last few years since I started this up. None of this would have been possible without you guys and I can’t wait to share the future of the brand with all of you.