The Legend - Hat

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This is the first hat ever that we have made from the ground up. This has been one of my favorite projects so far since starting up Battle Cat Co.

When I entered into this one I had the thought that I wanted to make something beautiful (as corny as that sounds). While this may just be a hat, every piece of it has been thought through from the rope embroidery, the custom grommets, and custom buckle clasps. The waxed canvas gives this a real unique vibe that will only get better with age.

I don't know, man. This one is just special and a statement of our love of this brand, our customers, and the direction we are moving in as a whole.

While we aren't going to say we won't do a restock on these ever, it is very unlikely. There are limited quantities so scoop them while we got them. You will not be disappointed. 

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