Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky

Rubber Ducky

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One of my buddies asked me recently why Jeep people are putting ducks on Jeeps. I, a Jeep driver, do not really know how or why this started so I told him I assume it's just for fun. That was not a satisfying answer for him. He thinks it's stupid and he hates fun. I on the other hand am what some might call "a lot" or an "eccentric". So purely just for a laugh I decided the most mature and rational thing I could do would be to make an obscene number of rubber duckys with Battle Cat Co. classics on them just to annoy one of my closest and oldest friends. So, Brandon, this is for you.

Pick some up. Put them on Jeeps, put them on your cat, do whatever brings you joy with them. But know this, once these are gone they are gone for good. I am not making any more ducks. 

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